Born in 1991, Luca Petraglia was born in Milan, but in his blood there are also a bit of Basilicata and a bit of Veneto. If you ask him which city he is from he will answer "I’m Italian". Because he feels 100% Italian and is proud to be able to live his life in the country of art.
His passion for Lego® was born in 1995, at the age of 4, with his first pack of bricks. From that moment on it was all a succession of increasingly large and complex buildings: ︎︎︎ at 5 years already monopolized the living room with its endless Lego® cities.

Fun fact: what is the only building, essential in any Italian city, that is not packaged by Lego®? That’s right, the church.
It is therefore that Luca ventured, still very small, in the construction of churches entirely conceived by him, drawing inspiration from those he sees every day in the streets of his country, but also the most famous ones that have a place of honor in art history books and from which he is fascinated during his travels.

Passion for Lego® and passion for art grow together and feed each other over the years, until, in 2013, to realize its first real project: the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, who consecrates him as a true Lego® artist.
The most preferred buildings are the Italian monuments, with their unique charm in the world, and in particular the neoclassical architecture, baroque and renaissance, for him stereotype of beauty and perfection.
He has now made several, from the more "niche" ones such as the Cornaro Chapel (Rome), to the most iconic, such as the Tower of Pisa or the Bell Tower of Giotto (Florence), which travel to the Lego® fan Weekend in Sakerbaek (DK) of 2018, ︎︎︎ here photographed together with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, former CEO of Lego® and grandson of the inventor of the famous brick.

“In Italy beauty should only be noticed, and not looked for”