Giotto’s Campanile

100.000 BRICKS
Always fascinated by Florentine architecture, after having created the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore and after three years of design, in 2018 Luca gives life to one of his most ambitious works: the reproduction of the Bell Tower of the Duomo, built in 1300 under the direction of Giotto.

Composed of a total of 100,000 bricks and more than 3 meters high, it manages to transmit in a very effective way the grandeur of the original with its 82 meters high; despite the considerable size, was exposed to Lego® fan Weekend Sakerbaek (DK) in 2018, where he received the praise of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, former CEO of Lego® and grandson of the inventor of the famous brick, and then in Pisa, Montichiari, Ravenna and Bologna in conjunction with several events

WIDTH    ︎   50 cm
DEPTH    ︎   50 cm
HEIGHT    ︎   310 cm
BRICKS NUMBER    ︎    100.000

TOTAL LDD DEVELOPING TIME     ︎    150 hours

MAN TIME FOR BUILDING   ︎    150 hours
BRICKS TYPES    ︎    450